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We encourage all those who practice the art of photography, and those who aspire to start doing so, to join the Malta Photographic Society where they can meet fellow enthusiasts, expose their works, learn from the other members and further their knowledge of the subject. We invite you to attend one of our Thursday sessions as a trial.

Courses and Workshops

The Malta Photographic Society has built a strong reputation for offering the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow Beginners Course in Photography. This course is held twice yearly one in Spring and another in Autumn. Details of the coming course will be found inside this section. Other courses and workshops are also given throughout the year, notably beginners and advanced courses in Photo Editing.


The Club Events are held on Thursdays throughout the year. These consist of club competitions, photo clinics, lectures and presentations by leading exponents of the medium, hands-on practical sessions and other activities relating to photography. The Club House is situated at 137, Old Bakery Street, Valletta and sessions are held between 6.00pm and 7.30pm. Doors open at 5.30pm.

About Us

The Malta Photographic Society was founded in 1961 with the intention of fostering friendship through photography, and to promote the art and science of photography. Membership is open to everyone interested in the art of photography, be they female or male, young or old, amateur or professionals, artists or scientists.
Newcomers to the hobby will benefit especially by their interacting with the more experienced members, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
The declared mission of the Society, is first and foremost, to act as a catalyst and bring together people from all walks of life, to exchange their views about their passion, and to serve as a learning platform for all those who want to increase their knowledge in the skills of practicing photography, and also to promote the appreciation of the beauty and artistic values of the medium.

  • Our Statute

    The Statute of the Malta Photographic Society contains the guiding rules which are updated during the annual AGM.

  • Our Distinctions

    The Malta Photographic Society offers a number of Photographic Distinctions which can be obtained by its members. Herewith one can find the rules and regulations governing these distinctions.

  • Our History

    Since its foundation in 1961, the Malta Photographic Society has grown from a handful of members, meeting in a store-room in the corridors of St Augustine’s Priory in Valletta, to the present status of a National Society with its own headquarters and with a membership averaging the 200 mark. Read more…

  • Competition Rules

    Rules governing the INTERNAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITIONS organised by the Society.

We are extremely thankful for all the help given to the Society by these Sponsors. We urge our members to use the services offered by these Companies.