A Beginners Course in Photography


an officially accredited School of Photography


Course information: The aim of this course is to develop knowledge, understanding and skills required to practice the art of photography for beginners. Students will learn how to handle a photographic camera, different types of basic equipment and understand their applications. Learners will be guided on how to achieve a good exposure, how to understand light, how to compose a photograph and how to create their own photographic images from the shooting stage till the post-editing stage.

Progression through the course allows learners to critically assess their photographic practices. Learners will acquire the ability to understand the uses and implications of different aspects of techniques and technologies, and will also be able to creatively review the visual impact of their work and understand the effect that the use of different techniques and technologies will have on their work. As the students progress through the course, their personal experience and learning will offer a better understanding of photographic media, techniques and technologies and be able to formulate their preferences and style in their own photographic work.

This course will be given in 10 lessons, each to be delivered by an experienced and advanced member of the Malta Photographic Society, thus students will benefit from the resources of knowledge gathered throughout the years by the Society ’s most experienced members. Notes will be provided after each and every lesson. Applicants who attend 80% of the lessons will be awarded a participation certificate. Applicants are to be 16 years of age or older and lessons will be conducted in English.

Those interested are to send an email to: courses@mpsmalta.com and will be guided from there on.

Beginners Course in Photography 2022 - Application Form

The Malta Photographic Society presents a Street Photography Masterclass, to be
conducted by Mr Martin Agius.

Our unique combination of an experienced course leader (street photographer, educator
and photojournalist) and
small groups (maximum 8 people minimum 5) leads to a powerful
and immersive learning experience. Whilst a small element of the workshop is theory-based,
most of our time together is spent shooting on the streets, learning by experience with
plenty of individual, hands-on tuition.
Our workshops are fun, informative and relaxed. They are sometimes provocative, usually
challenging and always highly enjoyable; they will stretch your imagination, develop your
skills and boost your confidence.
The philosophy behind this masterclass is to progress you
from simply recording people and places. We want you to make pictures, not take pictures,
by slowing the process down and considering the many alternatives to the immediately
We do give you a comprehensive grounding in the essentials such as camera settings,
focusing, lighting and composition but we prefer to make the most of our time together by
focusing on how to make you a better street photographer, conquering your fear of
shooting on the streets, understanding what makes a good picture and ensuring that you
capture ‘the moment’.
We believe that good street photography extends beyond random pictures of strangers
walking down a street or of people sitting in a cafe. We pay as much attention to the
aesthetic as we do the technique and it is this combination which makes our workshops
Most of our 4 day workshops follow the format below. There could be slight variations
according to the weather, the time of year or certain events taking place – but the
programme uses a structured, tried and tested formula to help you get the best out of our
time together.

Workshop - Street Photography Masterclass March 2022