A Beginners Course in Photo Editing
Offered by the MALTA PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Conducted by Mr Vince Piscopo

Our unique combination of an experienced photographer and photo-editor and small groups (maximum 10 people minimum 5) leads to a powerful and immersive learning experience. Whilst a small element of the course is knowledge-based, most of our time together is spent editing and hands-on tuition.
You’ll learn how to work with the photo-editing software and understand the necessary functions and basic techniques. You do not need any previous knowledge of editing software. The tutor will start right at the beginning and work his way through step by step. Throughout the 20 hour course, you will learn how to use various selection tools to manipulate and edit your images. By the end of this course, you’ll possess important skills to enhance and edit your photography to a higher level. You will learn simple tricks of how to make your photos more artistic. You will end up editing like a pro with the techniques and skills photographers use.
We will provide you with the necessary course notes which includes a workbook for practicals. Our 2 hour weekly lessons are fun, informative and relaxed. They are sometimes provocative, usually challenging and always highly enjoyable; with various tasks to try, explore, edit and create.
The philosophy behind this course is to progress you from producing sub-standard to artistic appealing photos. We do give you a comprehensive grounding in the essentials such as fast photo fixes, basic photorestoration, cloning, changing colour, contrasts, understanding masks, understanding the main tools and how to use them accordingly and tips on how to create a simple poster. All you need to own is a laptop.The sessions will be held at the Society, 137, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, between 18:00 and 20:00.